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Wilten basil

Written by Administrator

Posted on 18.08.12

Last Updated 18.08.12


 One of the special attractions of Innsbruck is Wilten basil. It is at this place back to Roman times worshiped the Virgin Mary, make pilgrimages here, monks and believers.

The church here was founded back in 1259 and was rebuilt many times. In 1751 - 1756 years it acquired its present appearance in the Rococo style with two magnificent towers, the facade was painted in yellow. This huge basilica is located on the outskirts of Innsbruck.

Is best known for its rich interior. He is very beautifully decorated in the rococo style with plenty of gold, gilded and carved details. The rich interior painting, made by Franz Anton Feyhtmaerom and Gigli and rich mural ceiling and floor, made master Matthias Gunther, have survived to the present day. Here mostly scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary.

The most valuable part of the interior is beautiful, very ornate, central altar with four columns. He stood in the center surrounded by a statue of the Virgin Mary from the 14th century, to which from the days of mass pilgrims. The statue is very beautiful, it is made of sandstone and decorated with gold leaf.

Viltenskoy located near the Basilica church cemetery with many very beautiful tombstones. Opposite is a small kiosk where a cold day, you can buy a glass of hot mulled wine. Here selling local souvenirs.

Wilten Basilica-Innsbruck 1Wilten Basilica-Innsbruck 2Wilten Basilica-Innsbruck 3Wilten Basilica-Innsbruck 4Wilten Basilica-Innsbruck 5Wilten Basilica-Innsbruck 6Wilten Basilica-Innsbruck 7Wilten Basilica-Innsbruck 8Wilten Basilica-Innsbruck 9

Alpine Zoo

Written by Administrator

Posted on 13.08.12

Last Updated 13.08.12



Alpine Zoo in the Tyrol - this is the only zoo in Europe, located high in the mountains - at an altitude of 727 m above sea level on the hillside Nordkette in Innsbruck. In this zoo you will not see exotic animals - live here only the fauna that are found on this section of the Alps, rare or not - Pain 2000 individuals. Zoo is located at different levels, and before you visit it, you need to take care of comfortable shoes and book a cheap hotel in Innsbruck.

At the zoo in 1984 was opened zooshkola in which you can listen to interesting stories about animals from teachers, to learn many new things at your local library or visit the exhibition on the Tyrolean animals. Zooshkola always happy trips to the zoo for adults and children together or separately. Scientists working here in the woods and pick up injured animals, treated and released at will, thereby maintaining eco-balance.
Also at the zoo resettled a large cold tank in which live fish and amphibians, leading into the local rivers and lakes. In winter the zoo is also possible to see the animals, provided that they do not hibernate. There is an interesting fact - if you go to the zoo at the right time, you can hear the "singing" wolves living here. Wolves begin to howl when the church bells ringing Innsbruck. You can purchase tickets to Innsbruck on our site.

Alpine Zoo 1


Alpine Zoo 2

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