The largest export port in Finland - the city of Kotka was founded in 1977. Kotka can be safely described as "a city of 3 to 1." This name should be in the history of the city. It was founded by joining two city Karhula and Kymi, the already-existing Kotka. It is because of the reunification of several cities of Kotka has acquired many faces.

Rich city of Kotka in all sorts of interesting sights and places of historical and architectural value.The first place to visit in Kotka is the house of the Emperor, which was designed and built on the banks of the waterfall Langinkoksi Finnish architect M. Shirbek in 1889 at the request of Russian Emperor Alexander III. Lodge is a family retreat in quiet surroundings. But after Alexander's death, the Empress Maria Feodorovna, the widow never visited this corner of paradise family in 1917, after the proclamation of Finnish independence, the nest of the Emperor became the property of the Finnish government. In 1933 local residents decided to organize a house-museum, preserved in its original form, including the environment and the interior of the time, until today. It is worth noting that the place where the house is under the protection of the Emperor of the Government, because it is a protected area.

In the city of Kotka are two museums that are worth visiting. Preview - Museum icebreaker "Tarmo".One of the oldest icebreaker in the world, which was built over a century ago in England. The second - a museum, currently concentrated in the city's history, in the form of photographs, objects, etc.

An important historical value, and represents the fortifications - Fort Elizabeth Fort Glory, in those times, served as defensive fortifications of the city. To date, only ruins remained only, but in them he soars an ancient fighting spirit. Both forts are located on islands and Kukouri Varissaari. By the way in the past are the remains of St. Nicholas frigate and a monument to the battle in the Straits of Ruotsinsalmi.

One of the oldest churches built in Finland, the church of St. Nicholas, is also in the list of places of interest of the city of Kotka. The project of the church, where she was built at the beginning of the XIX century, developed by the architect of St. Petersburg Admiralty James Perrine.

Unforgettable impressions visiting the water park Kotka, who has repeatedly received recognition of the public as the most significant project to create a landscape, the lighting and layout to artistic treatment of the stone. United together vegetation, decorative light, water and rocks create a magical play of light, which is truly impressive.

Advised to spend some time visiting his puppet "Katinkonti", known for his performances and a variety of dolls.