Kalajoki - always has been and remains an amazing place for the whole family. It is situated on the west coast of Finland, surrounded by magnificent pine forests and spectacular unused to such tourists, the sand dunes. An amazing combination will impress even the most demanding connoisseur of nature. Unusually, fabulous scenery stunning bouquet complement the clean air, uncontaminated nature and certainly the most interesting tourist programs. All of the above is a lure for many tourists who flock to the picturesque Kalajoki crowds each season.

Tourists are the favorite places for the past many years - one of the wonders of nature - sand dunes and magnificent beaches. All this had created nature, but what of that created by human hands, it's - "YukuYukuMaa" and a bright, sunny resort "SaniFani" - where no matter the time of year you can spend an unforgettable time in tropical conditions. Many fans travel from winter to summer leave it here.

Kalajoki is famous for its attractions, but most important of them, the ones that are famous all over the world with its unique and unrivaled, it is:
- The famous museum of domestic life - Manor Havula;
- An ancient region of unique wooden buildings and the famous museum of fishing where you want to visit every angler - Plass;
- The unique place the history of the Finnish sawmill Tyunga and Mill;
- A beautiful island with untouched nature - Calla.

The central place in the sights west coast of Finland has been and will be solar water park - Aurnikokyulpyulya Sani Fanny. A unique feature of this place, and perhaps even the inexplicable miracle of nature by scientists is that the air temperature in this place is always kept at a mark of 32. This water park features the world-famous Finnish saunas, Turkish baths and the present. For tourists and athletes extremists Aurnikokyulpyulya Sani Fanny has a gym, bowling alley and squash, and for those wishing to thoroughly tighten their shape and stretch your muscles - a pool for water aerobics classes under the guidance of a coach.

What is the most popular camping area, you might ask, as it turns out that Kalajoki is a leader in Finland. Only in its territory are more than 200 assorted cottages, ranging from small cottages and boarding houses to entire, with Kalajoki is famous for its centers of trade in the whole of Finland.

The same goes for the winter season, the winter presents to all the tourists who came to Kalajoki unforgettable entertainment - skydiving, a variety of sports, if you want to have the opportunity to request a route with an experienced guide, play a variety of snow competitions.

"Hiekkasyarkat" - well-known recreation area, which includes a fleet of Physical Education, the famous Tapion Tupa estate, numerous hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. But the main attraction of this place is - Tropical Water Park and Camping - Hiekkasyarkyat.

Manor Topion Tupa - it is a recreation center, still retains an amazing atmosphere of country life.