Espoo - ranked second among the largest cities in Finland. There are about 2100 thousand people and operate more than 9,000 companies.

This city was once divided into five centers: Matinkyulya, front of Espoonlahti, Tapiola, and directly Leppyaavaara center itself - Espoo.

Tapiola - one of the largest European centers for high technology. Derives from? Of course at the Technical Institute and the State Technical Research Center, which in turn are also teaching students engaged in research and also the course co-operate with colleagues in the craft from around the world.

This know-how in Espoo Otaniemi attracts a fairly large company, developing its activities around the high-tech. These companies use only the latest technology, as well as injected into use new telecommunications standard user context. Espoo - a center of communication between business and science, while taking into account, and its economy.

Residents of Espoo is very educated. They speak foreign languages, international-oriented thanks to them, businesses are provided with qualified personnel. The population of this city are proud to take second place in the formation of the whole of Finland. 26% of able-bodied population have higher education, another 40% possess a professional. Almost one in ten live in Espoo is fluent in Swedish. But just an important feature is that in Espoo, almost all universities offer the city a highly-educated labor force.

The very creation and ownership of high technology is the foundation of a diverse culture of Espoo.Music, film, theater and many other entertainment facilities of national importance perfect show an active cultural life of the city's population. A very lively bright sporting activities a positive effect on residents, in particular, the desire to live a healthy lifestyle and naturally stimulates the preparation of numerous sports teams of city clubs. The newly created Lyansiauto Arena - makes it possible to organize large-scale, epic events.

Espoo - was and is environmentally clean region, surrounded by pristine forests and the sea.Known around the world National Park in southern Finland Nuuksio is right in the heart of this region for all visitors this park guarantees an unforgettable experience and a lot of impressions.

Tammisaari - a small picturesque town located 100 kilometers from Helsinki, on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. The city was founded by Swedish King Gustav Vasa in 1546 and became the fifth city in the history of Finland. Residents of the city were engaged in fishing, hunting and trade. Not far from the ruins of the fortress Tammisaari Raasepori. In the Middle Ages a fortress guarded by an important trading point to Thun and water expanses of the bay.
Modern Tammisaari - a charming seaside town with 30 miles of beaches, nice wooden architecture, unique culture, small souvenir shops. The city is worth visiting, especially for those who like a family, and intellectual recreation. Be sure to take a walk on the Cape Barkov, because there are old residential buildings, which belong to the XVIII and XIX centuries.
The main attractions are a stone church, water tower, museum, museum of history Tammisaari National Park Ramskholmen. In 1989, the beautiful archipelago located in the Gulf of Finland near the city, were united in the Archipelago National Park Tammisaari. The park is 52 km2.
Things Tammisaari
The church of gray stone with the 1680's, restored in 1841, Water Tower, Church Snappertuna, 1688, the Church Bromarv, 1981., Natural park Ramsholmen, National History Museum, the Museum of Tammisaari, Tenholakraevedchesky museum.