Hanko - the southern-most town in Finland, within it there are about 11,000 inhabitants and it is located on the same Hanko peninsula, which at 35 km is given in the Gulf of Finland.

Hanko - a multifaceted Peninsula, is a center of industry, the port and a resort for many tourists, among which is famous for its curative properties of mineral waters.

Today, more than 200,000 tourists each year visit the Hanko peninsula, from early spring to September, the columns of tourists travel through the city. And this is not casual, Hanko offers various recreational opportunities for every taste! You can rent a car to perform a walk or a short trip, horse-drawn carriage, bicycles, canoes, compete in a game of tennis, make a short cruise on a rented yacht, to visit the numerous art galleries and museums and of course just get a lot of pleasure from the sea and the gentle the sun. Urban beaches stretches over 30 miles of shoreline.

The largest port, which does not freeze in winter is - East Harbor. In general, the city has two ports - Municipal and private Baltic port. The latter is located on an island in the eastern side of the harbor.

The history of Hanko is quite closely linked with the Russian people, because in Russian military history, he mentioned at least twice:
- The first mention of the events connected with the Great Northern War (1700-1721) in 1714 near the peninsula of the Russian fleet heroically defeated the Swedes;
- And the second is connected with the mention of the Great Patriotic War - 165-day heroic defense of Hanko.

In 1940 he was awarded the Soviet-Finnish treaty, in respect of which the peninsula was handed over to the Soviet Union for 30 years to build a naval base. But soon the Soviet Union abandoned its rights to possession of the peninsula.

Hanko is known for its famous architectural monuments, various buildings including the famous castle-museum, which is located in the Eastern Harbour, the Museum of the front bunker with the military - both the museum opened in the summer, they arranged the exhibition on the theme of war of the past in Finland. The common grave of Soviet soldiers and erected a monument to her, Municipal Gallery, Art Gallery of "Maria." In numerous galleries Hanko are unique works of famous artists, wonderful exhibits will delight the eyes of visitors, but mostly they will be present for the island lighthouses Bengtskar, this unique island is situated at the southernmost tip of Finland.

Hamina - a small military town, situated in the border zone between the State of Finland and the Russian Federation. Previously, a garrison town of Hamina. The castle and ramparts which have survived in excellent condition, reminiscent of the features that served the city in the past. Wooden houses border, churches, city government buildings are filled with those old martial spirit of the 17th century. Around the castle is located park, with lots of green space and benches for rest.

Do not forget that Hamina - a port city. Therefore, in the passenger port is the guest Tervassaari pier. By the way, for tourists, the port operates a service boat ride on the islands of the Gulf of Finland.

On the former militancy reminiscent of Hamina supports school authorities reserve officers, and established a museum at its base, located within its walls eskponaty military life of city residents.Here are samples of uniforms, weapons, photographs and diaries, kept the integrity of the border war.

Among the attractions is to provide the City Museum, which is a house museum, which was the venue for the negotiation of Catherine II and King Gustav III, as well as the merchant's house museum, which absorbed the history of the life of the merchants at the turn of the centuries.

Also, the city of Hamina - a place for an international festival of military music "Hamina Tattoo."

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