Kuopio City - one of the major administrative and cultural centers in Finland, located 400 km from the capital - Helsinki. In Kuopio has approximately 85,000 people. The city was founded in 1652, and in that time it housed the administration of the province and the city was a major trading center.It should be noted that the city of Kuopio is also a great religious center in Finland, but rather a center of Orthodoxy. Here is the main cathedral of the Diocese of Karelia - Cathedral of St. Nicholas. Therefore, many travel agencies in Finland offer "Easter tours" in Kuopio.

It's very interesting location of the city. Kuopio is situated in a picturesque corner of the Finnish nature. The city is surrounded by not one hundred lakes, rivers and islands. Such "natural" opens an excellent opportunity for visitors to make a campaign to canoeing, rafting on the winding mountain streams, to try his hand as a fisherman or hunter. Those who like active recreation biking, skiing, snowmobile and ice-skating on the frozen surface of the water of lakes. In the center of Kuopio, took his place Mount Puyo, which is a protected zone. In 1963, at the very top of the hill was built a lookout tower 75 meters high. The tower is a three-story building, which houses an observation deck, which offers beautiful views of the picturesque natural scenery, a cafe and a revolving restaurant. In winter, the mountain Puyo attracts a huge number of tourists, skiers. Not surprisingly, two ski slopes of 400 and 750 meters, which runs through the forest, which is covered face of the mountain - very attractive for active recreational sports. It also operates a ski school here, where professional instructors will help you master the skill of skiing. Almost every hotel offers its guests of rental ski equipment. Since it went about outdoor activities, then surely, tourists will be useful to know that the 10-20 minute drive from the city of Kuopio are two excellent ski center, offering its customers equipment rental, lift and pistes.

Rich city of Kuopio in natural attractions. Within the city there is a large university botanical garden, which absorbed more than two thousand plants. Among these drugs, forest, meadow, and even representatives of poisonous flora. Moreover, the city is surrounded by beautiful nature, that in itself makes it a tourist attraction.

In Kupio is more than 15 museums. Among them are highlights of the Orthodox Church Museum of Kuopio. It should be noted that the museum is one of the largest and most important museums of the church in Western Europe. The founding date of its foundation is considered to be in 1957. To this day, here gathered a lot of all kinds of ecclesiastical paraphernalia - icons, liturgical textiles, as well as sacred things Konevets monasteries and Balaam. During the Second World War, many valuable artifacts have been evacuated and are now in the Russian Federation.

It is also worth a look in the "Kuopio Quarter" - the museum, whose exhibits tell of the history of the development and construction of the city of Kuopio. "Quarter of Kuopio" is one that neither is, this old quarter of town. There are more than 11 buildings, which recreated the atmosphere of the merchants of the 19th century. The interior apartments of merchants and officials, housewares, shoe shop, shop sales, antique pharmacy - all the exhibits "Quarter of Kuopio." By the way the museum operates tailor shop at the time in which to make purchases, as well as antique coffee, ready to please their customers dishes home cooking.

Located in the city of Kuopio City Museum, collecting a collection of cultural-historical and natural science exhibits for over a hundred years. The museum is located next to the park and the cathedral Snellman.

For amateur photographers will be interesting to see the work of the founder of Finnish photography, Victor Barsokevicha by visiting the eponymous museum where pictures of the photographer and a lot of negatives on glass. The museum is organized in the former studio of Victor Barsokevicha course is maintained interior and working environment, "the master lens."

Exists in the city of Kuopio and a place for recreation and entertainment. The city is a popular hotel-resort "Rauhalahti", causing great interest among tourists, conducted dance evenings. For visitors to the city permanently open door of the restaurant "Hummingbird," pub "The Old Apothecary," Night Club "1001 Nights" as well as a restaurant «Iltalintu», which in summer becomes the place of performance of the best artists in Finland. Relax in the pool or bath-tub in the open can in a tropical complex "Blue Lagoon". If you come with children, be sure to arrange them fascinating tour of the zoo animals that are home to more than three hundred Finnish domestic animals - sheep, ducks, rabbits, cats, ostriches, turkeys, and a pony, on which you can ride. Within the city center is the most popular recreation and entertainment - leisure center "Rauhalahti", which is the subject of the project «YSMEK", aimed at the protection of flora and fauna of tourist tsetrov.

Kouvola - one of the modern city on the southern shores of Finland, the city is located 300 km from St. - Petersburg and 100 kilometers from the Finnish-Russian border. On the bus on the way to the Vaalimaa Kouvola takes no more than an hour, and if you decide to make a short trip from Russia to Finland by train, then Kouvola will be the first city that will meet you on the way.

The city will always find a haven for visitors. There are five hotels - from the cheapest to the city's premier hotels.

As for the neighborhoods of the city, and it is possible to remove a small, cozy house, and then the whole estate. City and replete with its high-end department stores, supermarkets and shops.

One of the main attractions is the famous theme park "Tyukkimyaki" intended for the whole family.It is the famous 30-meter attraction "Typhoon", on top of which, despite a decent speed, you can see the whole city in full view. This park is more than 30 different attractions - both for the kids, and for fans of extreme sports. Well-known carousel "Kouvola" - became the pride of the city.

But the castle of reptiles, at the entrance to which you wear the bracelet on the arm - so you can safely travel on its walls, just exquisite. It is in the "Tyukkimyaki" - excellent food and their own stores where you can buy many and varied gifts. Only then are the best artists from all over Finland, you will not see this anywhere else! But most of all, all the tourists attracted by the annual Christmas party with mass celebrations in the park.

Not far from the amusement park is located one of the most popular campgrounds across Finland - "Kyayuryalampi." For tourists the administration is prepared for extraordinary sauna on the shores of the sea, Qurna bath, huge tennis courts, children's equipped playgrounds. You can rent canoes and a variety of fishing accessories for every taste. Camping is ready to take a rest at any time of year.

In the cultural center "Kouvola-Talo" is a Museum of Art, where exhibitions are regularly stunning art-known artists.

Kouvola - a paradise for tourists. In addition to these attractions Kouvala quietly boasts and others, such as the famous erotic entertainment center "Reeperbahn", located on both sides of the street, an Orthodox church, built by Russian soldiers in the 1913-1915 years. But the historical sights are concentrated in a single quarter - the museum, where the city government had decided to keep all the old buildings and to pay artists for restoration. That's where the famous house-museum of the history of the way of life of railway workers, pharmacy museum, a museum and even radio.