Edinburgh is often described as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, especially in the Neo-classical New Town whose construction began in the late 18th century. South of the Princes Street divide lies the medieval Old Town whose narrow, smoky,

Scotland -Edinburgh Castle - Cathy Smith

streets once gave the city its other (not so complimentary) nickname of 'Auld Reekie' ('Old Smokey').

Scotland - Edinburgh - Princes Street

Princes Street is one of the most elegant streets in Europe although there are far too many chain stores nowadays. What saves it, however, is Princes Street Gardens on the south side. In 1834 the American writer Nathaniel Willis described it as a "broad and deep ravine planted with trees and shrubbery". It's much the same today and is a great spot for a stroll . You pass one of Edinburgh's most famous landmarks, the intricate Gothic monument to Sir Walter Scott, with wonderful bird's eye views from the top.

Scotland - Edinburgh - Tourist Attractions

  • Edinburgh Castle dominates the city. It represents one thousand years of history and sit son top of the famous Edinburgh rock
  • The Royal Botanic Garden was founded in the 17th century as a physic garden. Now it extends over four Gardens.
  • National Museum of Scotland. From the history of the Vikings to the present day. Situated in the heart of the Old Town.
  • The Fruitmarket Gallery for world class contemporary art by Scottish and international artists.
  • For kids, here are a few suggestions: the Museum of Childhood, the Dungeon, the Royal Observatory, the Edinburgh Zoo and Our Dynamic Earth (better for children over 5).

Scotland- Edinburgh - Visit Historic Stirling

Tons of things to see and do in Edinburgh. Only 36 miles north of Edinburgh is the historic city of Stirling. In the movie 'Braveheart' Mel Gibson portrays William Wallace, the 13th century rebel who led a ramshackle army against the much greater English forces, defeating them at the historic battle of Stirling Bridge where Wallace conquered the greatly superior forces of the English army. The present "old bridge' dates from 1400 - the original wooden one which was the scene of the battle disappeared long ago.

History permeates Stirling. The forbidding castle stands on a great rock and has looked down on ferocious battles from Wallace to Bonnie Prince Charlie. Centred around and below the castle is the Old Town, the finest concentration of historic buildings in Scotland. The Old Town is not a period piece frozen in history. People still live in the beautiful old buildings and children play on the sidewalks.

Take a walk along the Back Walk, which winds around the 16th-century Town Wall. The Back Walk was constructed around 1723 to 1791 and is a delightful circular walk which leads you up to the Castle and back to the Old Town. Fabulous views of the town and countrside.