Copenhagen (dates. København) - one of the oldest cities of Europe, capital of Denmark, the big city of the country with the population in 500 thousand inhabitants (1,5 million - including suburbs of Copenhagen). The city has been put by bishop Absalonom, and the first records about it are dated 1043 originally strengthened settlement on island (which present name - Slotsholmen) carried the name "Havn" ("harbour"), but has soon expanded, has found the military and trading value and has received the name "merchant harbour", København.

Copenhagen In XII century Copenhagen has received the city status, and in XV century became capital and royal residence. In XVI century thanks to king Christian IV Copenhagen has found the architectural unity. During this period in a city were the set of towers and locks is constructed, many of which have remained till now.

In a history course Copenhagen has transferred two destructive fires, a siege of Swedes to 1660, artillery bombardment by Englishmen in 1807 for the union of Denmark with Napoleon, a siege fascists in 1940-1945 However Copenhagen has kept the architectural shape.

Copenhagen Nowadays Copenhagen - the brisk and prospering city in which picturesque gardens, monumental architecture of the past, a building in modern style and design finds of last century harmoniously co-exist. Copenhagen is very friendly and international. It not only the large tourist centre, but also the native land of the big commercial and financial organisations.
At Copenhagen reputation of "the most southern capital of Northern Europe". Framed with water channels, with narrow small streets and old stone houses, the city does not lose the touches with the nature - extensive parks turn green nearby to the centre, and artificial lakes decorate the western areas of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen and its vicinities are famous for the museums, locks and palaces. The palace complex of Amalienborg, locks Rozenborg, Kristiansborg, Frederiksborg, will tell Kronborg to you about stories of the Danish monarchy, the most oldest monarchy in the world in which head now there is queen Margaret II.

Copenhagen - Marble church the largest museums of Copenhagen - the National Museum, the State Museum of the Arts, the New Museum of Fine arts (Глиптотека), Muzej Torvaldsena, the Hirshprungsky collection. In Copenhagen and its suburbs there is a considerable quantity of churches, among which - Marble church, Church of the Christ of the Savior, a Kristians-pick and мн. Others.

Copenhagen offers the big spectrum of restaurants, shops and entertainments, on the first place among which there is Tivoli. The park of entertainments of Tivoli has been constructed specially for king Christian VIII. Since then and till now Tivoli is favourite vacation spot копенгагенцев and city visitors, thanks to the attractions, musical and theatrical representations, concerts of jazz and classical music, fountains and fireworks.

In a city there passes weight of cultural actions: it and the Copenhagen week of a fashion, and various film festivals, carnivals and jazz festivals.

Kristianhavn - the old district of Copenhagen, whose construction began in 1618 on the orders ofChristian IV. There were building their mansions and wealthy merchants of the townspeople.Located on a street in the Church of the Saviour is famous for its spire, which is contrary to thearchitectural tradition of "twisted" anti-clockwise. One of the corners of the area - Christiania - once in the status of a running, was in the mid 70s. occupied by a large group of unemployed and homeless, who proclaimed him a "free city". Now here is the county, famous for its anarchy and the largest circulation of soft drugs in Europe.


Round Tower. Built during the reign of Christian IV from 1637 to 1642. The height of the tower - 36meters. In Andersen's fairy tale "Flint" there is a dog with eyes as big as "round tower" - that's what big eyes in a dog. Stages it does not - leads up a gentle winding ascent of 210 meters. In 1716Peter I rode to the top of the tower on horseback, carrying a carriage with his wife, the futureEmpress Catherine I. From the top of the tower offer stunning views of the old Copenhagen.
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