Knights' Kingdom
Grand Royal Castle - the largest building to date in the park - an area over 2,500 sq ft and the tallest tower rose to a height of six-story building, 18 m 1.13 million Lego bricks went into the creation of colorful interiors that come to life with light , sound, animation, and the smells and smoke. The mostcourageous visitors can ride the Dragon, which will carry them through the world of medievaladventure. And when the dragon flies out of the castle, he suddenly accelerated to a speed of 40 km / h!

In the Mini-Castle, located just behind the Royal Castle on a daily basis (from 19 June to 22 August),theatrical performances are held in the medieval theme. Eagle's Nest - it is a huge playground, where you can run, jump, climb mountains, to keep balance on swinging bars or try to get through the maze.

Keep your hat and a wooden leg - you have to fight with swords with pirates! During the battle,cannon balls fell into the water near the ship. After the victory of your ship will sail to the land full of hidden treasures of Lego. Millions of Lego bricks come to life in the rays of bright light.

You can climb to the top of the lighthouse and see him all over the country Pirates. Famished caneat hearty on board a pirate ship. A meet of the most successful captain, Roger with his talkingparrot.