The imHofburg_1posing complex of the Hofburg Imperial Palace (XIII-XIX cc.), Built on the site of the Bavarian Fort (1278) is located a few south-west of the Graben and Iozefplatts. Now in the Hofburg is a number of government organizations in the country and the OSCE. In the rooms of the palace are the Spanish Riding School - Winter riding the famous Hapsburg (1735), an exhibition of treasures "Shattskammer" (in her co

llection made in 962, the crown of the Holy Roman Empire and the Austrian


 imperial crown), a separate room, "the treasury of Burgundy" (Regalia , ceremonial garments, jewelry and relics of the Order of the Golden Fleece and the Dukes of Burgundy, including "Holy Spear," which was allegedly pierced the crucified Christ), the imperial reception room and bedroom of Kaiser Franz Josef.

In the separate buildings of the complex are the Vienna House of the Arts, a unique Austrian National Library (XVIII c.), Which collected more than two million books, music, manuscripts, and ancient manuscripts, as well as the court church Avgustinkirhe and one of the richest art collections of the world - Albertina Gallery (1800).
Near the palace Hofburg has a unique shop Petit-Pointe, where for many centuries, embroidered with tiny crosses are made handbags, brooches and miniature snuff.