Parks of Vienna

If you want to relax among the greenery and attractions, go to the Prater, whose history dates back to the Middle Ages. In 1766 the Imperial Prater, a place of hunting, by order of Joseph II became available to the public. Since that time, Prather becomes a holiday destination with amusements and gastronomic establishments. Symbol Prater and one of the symbols of Vienna - Rizenrad - a giant Ferris wheel, built in 1896-97 years of British engineer Walter Basset for the Vienna World Exhibition. After rising in one of his cars to a height of about 65 meters, you will be able to cover the eye panorama of Vienna.

On the old times Prater today resemble two Chinese figures - Kalafati with his wife. Kalafati so popular that in the Prater has a circulation of volute his name, which you can pay for the attraction. There in the Prater "lilliputbat" - children's railway length of 4 kilometers.

There are many amusements for all age groups - "the road of horror", a carousel, shooting galleries, modern attractions with breathtaking speed and flips in the air. Destroyed during the war, revived the Prater, as before, - one of the favorite places of the Viennese and their guests.

If you visit the Prater, a look at a well-known even outside of Austria "Schweizerhaus" ("Schweitzer-House"). There is always a beer "Budweiser" and typical Viennese hot dish Shteltse (originally cooked pork leg). Shteltse - signature dish, large enough to portions enough for two people. "Schweitzer-House" - a rather noisy establishment here say out loud, smoke and drink beer all ages and nationalities at the weekend on a summer evening is quite difficult to find a place. "Schweizerhaus" can also be attributed to the sights of Vienna.


Schweizerhaus 3  


Schweizerhaus 2

In the old park Augarten regularly conducted dozens of musical performances and symphony concerts.

Augarten Park

Augarten Park_3 .

Augarten Park_3 .

Augarten Park_22

The famous park "Vienna Woods", located in the vicinity of the capital, in the foothills of the Eastern Alps - it is a forest area with their own towns and hotels, resorts and hot springs.

Vienna Woods

Vienna Woods.

Vienna Woods2.

Vienna Woods_3

Bounded on one side of the picturesque valley of the Danube River and the vineyards, on the other - a famous resort area of ​​Baden and Bad Foslau, "Vienna Woods" is a favorite vacation spot Viennese and visitors.