Vienna Arsenal - this is perhaps the only architectural complex in the Austrian capital, is almost completely preserved its original form, despite the fact that during the Second World War, was heavily damaged. But it was quickly restored with the exception of a few buildings that were completely demolished. Previously, all the Arsenal were military, it is now one of the main attractions of Vienna. You can visit Vensiky Arsenal zaree Book a hotel in Vienna.

 Arsenal was built to replace the old garrison, which was destroyed during the German revolution of 1848 - 1849 years. Arsenal building are square, and inside the confined space is a vast parade ground. In one of the buildings is the military history museum, which could be the title of the greatest and oldest in the world. Here you can buy tickets to Vienna at low prices.

 It is interesting that this building and was originally conceived as a museum, but his exposition was to talk about the best generals of the state in the history of its existence. But it so happened that in the Museum along the entire military history of Austria since the XVI century until 1945 Here is the complete collection of bronze cannon, and each exhibition is devoted to a war of Austrian history, including the last one.

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The most famous theaters of Vienna - Vienna State Opera, the "Burgtheater" and "Volksoper". The performances of the Vienna Opera House is now known throughout the world. Operetta also plays a role in the life of the city, because it worked in Vienna, the leading masters of the operetta genre.

The most famous drama theater in Vienna - Burgtheater is situated on the Boulevard Ring. It was built in 1874-88 under the project of Gottfried Semper. Magnificent theater interior is decorated with murals by Gustav Klimt and Franz Match. Heavily damaged during the war, the theater was reopened in 1955.

vienna 1Burgeteatr - Vienna

The musical mecca of Vienna - Shtaats operas. The authors of the project, Eduard van der July and August Sikkardsburg got their inspiration in the French early Renaissance. May 25, 1869 Opera officially opened "Don Giovanni" by Mozart. The building, which now admired in his time has been the subject of fierce attacks: architects accused of all mortal sins, allowed himself to criticism and the Kaiser. Unable to withstand such a shame, van der Nyul hanged himself two months later he died of a heart attack Sikkardsburg. If you believe the stories, Franz Joseph has since avoided expressing an opinion on questions of art, using consistently stereotyped, the now nominal phrase: "It was wonderful and made me very pleased ...". Destroyed during the war, the restored Opera House was opened in 1955, almost simultaneously with the Burgtheater. In February, the Staatsoper is the most famous Austrian Ball - opernbal. One night the audience and the stage turned into a huge dance floor. Extravaganza of floral garlands, luxury toilets, sparkling jewels - the high society of Austria appears in all its splendor. Forget all the high state and other duties, and after a wonderful polonaise forever, where the white toilet set off the debutante dress coats and uniforms partners when we hear a phrase that can be translated as: "All dance the waltz!", A holiday begins, lasting until the morning ...


Not far from the Staatsoper another "temple of art" - "Musikverein", the house incomparable Vienna Philharmoniker. The building was constructed in 1867-69 years Theophilus Hansen, author of the draft of the Parliament. First day of January in the "gold" room Mukzikferayna is New Year's Concert, broadcast on television throughout the world. This concert, like opernbal - one of the central events of social life. Honor to conduct concerts, where the majority of sound works of the Strauss family, and Liner, awarded to only the most famous conductor Herbert von Karajan, Carlos Klayber, Riccardo Muti, Zubin Mehta ...

vienna3Shtaats Opera

Vienna - a city of museums and exhibitions. Now you can see the interesting exhibits presented in the Kunsthistorisches, Natural History, the History Museum of Vienna, as well as the Museum Albertina, Homes, Museums Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert, and . Strauss, J. Kalman. Collection of masterpieces of world art is stored in the Austrian Gallery and the Academy of Fine Arts, located in Vienna.

vienna4Natural History Museum

"Albertine", which stores 200,000 original, belongs to the world's largest collections of graphics. The museum is named after its founder, Duke Albert von Sachsen-Teschen, the wife of a favorite daughter of Maria Theresa - Maria Cristina. The funds of the meeting - the masterpieces of Durer, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Rubens, Rembrandt, Schiele, and many other artists, from the XV century until the present.

vienna5Albertina Museum

On both sides of the square of Maria Theresa, with its architectural monuments are twins - art-historical and natural-history museum, built in 1871-81 by Gottfried Semper's and Karl Hasenauer in the style of the Italian Renaissance. Pride of the Kunsthistorisches Museum - its an art gallery with works by Dürer, Rembrandt, Raphael, Titian, Velazquez, Netherlandish masters of the world's largest collection of Bruegel.

In addition, in the capital are the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, the Museum of Military History, the Austrian Ethnographic Museum, the Museum of Technology Industry and Crafts, Museum of hours in Vienna, Museum of tin, which is a collection of pewter products Fetter R, et al The Vienna Art Gallery, along masterpieces of A. Durer, Rubens, Velázquez and Titian, exhibited a picture P. Bruegel "Hunters in the Snow," familiar to many of our compatriots in the film A. Tarkovsky's "Solaris."