Especially popular with adults and children enjoyed the aquarium, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Central Europe. More than 40 available viewing pools offer a magical underwater world. Reef sharks in the 10,000 - gallon pool are fed every Monday at 10:30 am admiring the rich colors of tropical fish, observing at close range for the inhabitants of the Mediterranean Sea, the fish of the Amazon River or fish from local waters, you find yourself in a fascinating journey.

The zoo reptiles reptiles and amphibians frolic. 56 tastefully appointed terrariums show about 200 species in most cases are not common in our band animals, along with local snakes live here the best known poisonous snakes all over the world, water and land tortoises, lizards, giant frogs and alligators of the Mississippi.

In the outer hall awaiting visitors to the moon landing diorama life-size space city of the future, visual images of our planetary system and the structure of the universe, as well as the Mercury space capsule in the life-size, on which Americans in the 60s have made the first flights into space.

Other exhibition halls devoted to minerals, geology, bio-lab of youth, European mammals, birds of the world, animal world of the Ice Age, America, Africa, Australia and Asia, and, last but not least, the people and their pets. Constantly adding new special exhibitions offer a rich museum. Cafe-restaurant on the terrace invites you to relax in between visits to different worlds of adventure.

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