Since the summer of 2007 the Salzburg museum with a completely new concept is placed in a luxurious new residence building at the pl.Motsartplatts. Valuable art objects, aesthetic presentation, interesting multimedia hardware and content form a harmonious whole. Salzburg Museum is proof that a modern museum can be both informative and entertaining. For his efforts Salzburg Museum was awarded the Austrian Museum Prize.

"Salzburg personally"
Not only is the ruling of this world at all times represented the life of the city and the state of Salzburg. Exhibitions on the second floor talk about life, work and terms of the interesting personalities of Salzburg in the arts, architecture, science, literature, music, photography, crafts and the world of work.

"The Myth of Salzburg"
The permanent exhibition on the third floor of the New Residence, with its main rooms specializing in historical, artistic and cultural development of Salzburg. It can be traced from the autocratic princes, archbishops, through the romantic artists with their paintings of Salzburg charming landscapes to those of today.

Treasury of archaeological sites and cultural objects of the Middle Ages
In the mirror room on the third floor of the New Residence exhibits from the collections on the theme "Archaeology and the Middle Ages," as, for example, Celtic jug with a spout, a helmet with a mountain pass Lueg or Gothic side altar Wizard "Virgo inter Virgines".

In the Panorama Passage of New Residences - an underground passage between the Zaltsburskim Museum and Panorama Museum - are found during archaeological excavations valuable artefacts of prehistoric and Roman periods, of which much attention is paid to, for example, the Roman city wall with a painting. In addition, numerous models of the objects of applied art and historical data allow us to travel back in time, telling about the development of Salzburg from the Roman period to the present day.
Under the inner courtyard of the new residence is located Showroom - multifunctional room with an area of ​​about 500 square meters, equipped with a continuous light ceiling and divided into two parts, where each year are three major trade fairs.

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