Helbrunn Palace is located in the vicinity of Salzburg, 8 kilometers from the city and is a popular holiday destination for local residents. It was built in 1615 - 1616 years as the country residence of Archbishop Marcus Sittikusa.

The ensemble of the Palace, created by the famous Italian architect Santino Solari, was preserved almost intact to this day. The palace itself is made in baroque style, it is decorated with numerous fountains, sculptures and garden composition, located across the vast park. The park was laid here in 1730, the statues are from the early 17th century.

The Palace is a luxurious spacious building, with many rooms, ballrooms and banquet halls. Rooms are still furnished and decorated in the style of 17th - 18th centuries, particularly striking a huge banquet hall with wall and ceiling paintings of the master Arsenio Maskagnisa brush. Famous and high original octagonal hall, which was used as a music room. Until now, the hall is often held important events of international scale.

Rocky outlier in the park was turned into a natural scene - the first public scene in Austria. Also here is the famous "Monthly Castle", so named because it was very quickly built. Now there is an ethnographic museum.

There are still functioning unusual, constructed in 1750, a mechanical theater, figures which are driven by water. It depicts the various professions in action. It is located here and a lot of "amusing" fountains that suddenly shoot a jet of water in different directions. It is interesting that near each of the entertainment is always one "dry" place where he usually stood the archbishop - the owner of the palace.

This palace is so well known and popular that it depicted on the Austrian coin is 10 euros, which was first released in 2004. The palace and park are open to visitors daily from April to October. Entry to the palace complex fee - 8,50 euros per adult.

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