This Salzburg Palace is the most beautiful in Austria, and it is called "the palace of love." This palace was built at the initiative of the Salzburg Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raytenau and presented to the object of love of the priest - Viola Straw. Later she gave birth to the Archbishop of 15 children, 10 of whom survived, but the heirs were not. After the death of von Raytenau Straw drove from the palace of a relative of the priest, too, the archbishop, and gave the name of the castle Mirabell, to forget the shame of his cousin.
Since then, the Mirabell Palace became the residence of the high priests, and so continued for more than 200 years old. And each of them is attached to the lock an element, resulting in a magnificent architectural ensemble was born, which, unfortunately, did not spare element - at the beginning of the XIX century. Mirabell Palace was burnt down. The Habsburgs were sent to restore his own architect, and he created from scratch Castle, has come down to our days. From the original castle remained a unique wedding Marble Hall, a Gothic church and the main staircase.
Located next to the Palace Park, itself a landmark, which is called the Garden of Mirabell. The park offers two marble lions, which are entrusted to them are protected by a magnificent fountain, which opens the way to the Garden of curious dwarfs, a maze and an outdoor theater.

Mirabell Palace 1

Mirabell Palace 2

Mirabell Palace 3