Here Mozart lived from 1773 to 1780. The museum exhibits about the life and history of the Mozart family house.

Dwelling house of Mozart, also called "Tantsmeystersky House" was first mentioned in official documents in 1617. Until 1685 it consisted of two buildings. In 1711, on special order it was allowed to hold dance lessons for people of noble origin.

In 1773, Mozart's family moved to a new residence in the area of ​​Hannibal (now - the area Makart (Makartplatts) 8.) The spacious apartments have enough space to meet friends and musicians. A frequent visitor here was Emanuel Schikaneder (1751-1812), actor, theater director and librettist, "The Magic Flute."

In this house, Wolfgang Amadeus lived until 1780, where he wrote a symphony, divertissements, serenades, piano and violin concertos, a concerto for bassoon, arias, masses and other works of church music. He composed this "Re pastore" (KV 208), began the opera "La Finta giardiniera" ("The imaginary gardener") (KV 196) and "Idomeneo" (KV 366).

Here, Mozart's sister Nannerl lived - up to their wedding (1784), and his father Leopold - until his death (1787).

16th October 1944 two-thirds of that house was destroyed by bombs. The then owner sold the victim of the bombing of the building of Italian insurance company "Generali Assikuratsioni" for the construction of its office, which later, in 1989, was purchased by the International Mozarteum Foundation.

Back in 1955 the International Mozarteum Foundation has made available for museum purposes Tantsmeysterskogo preserved part of the hall. 2nd May 1994 was demolished office building of the insurance company, and on May 4 began the restoration and reconstruction of the old plans.

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