What is unique is a treasure of the Old Town of Salzburg, spoiled local resident - for which he became almost everyday mundane scenes - often back to notice only when it stops near the guests of the city, attracted by a beautiful sight. Ecstatic utterances like: "The life in this wonderful city can only dream!" Sometimes lead to confusion of the average citizen, who, however, I must confess how seldom he, in fact, draws attention to this beauty.

Indeed, the city of Salzburg - and especially its historic Old Town - one of the paradises that can be found in Europe. Announcement of the Old City of Salzburg "World Cultural Heritage" by UNESCO in 1997 confirmed his international recognition.

The old town with its variety of architectural styles is a real treasure, not least, thanks to strict conservation activities. If a leisurely walk along the many small side streets (best known are Getreidegasse ("Corn Lane"), Judengasse ("Jewish Lane"), Goldgasse ("Golden Lane"), Kegasse ("Quay Lane"), as well as Linzergasse ("Lintsevsky Lane ") and Shtayngasse (" Stone Lane ")), in a limited space we can see the construction of the Middle Ages, Romantic, Renaissance, Baroque, and the noble houses bourgeois period of the monarchy in the classical style. There is hardly an epoch which may be left in its architectural traces of Salzburg!

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Eisriesenwelt - is the barley in Austria and the world system of ice caves. In translating the name of the cave means "giant ice world." The caves are located in the Alps, near the city of Salzburg. They are open to tourists.

The caves are located at an altitude of 1641 meters and consist of 30,000 cubic meters of ice. The total length of the cave maze - about 40 kilometers. They were formed by the River Salzach, blurry rocks for centuries. Now the river bed is located below the entrance to these caves.

Open caves Eisriesenwelt were relatively recently, in 1849, and until the end of the 19th century remained unknown to the general public. He began the study of caves naturalist Anton von Posselt, who went down to them at 200 meters, and continued in the early 20th century, Alexander von Merck, whose efforts near the cave had the first car park explorers, and later - the first track inside it. From 1955 to rise to a cave used by cable car.

Now the caves are a very popular tourist attraction. Each year, here come some 200,000 tourists and there really is something to see. Ice columns and towers, tunnels, and the whole valley - all created by the nature of ice and consistently amazing. For the convenience of tourists, the caves are illuminated with colored lights, creating a magical, unforgettable picture. There are several entrances to the caves Eisriesenwelt, so all the time inside the circulating air, which leads to permanent changes in the appearance of beauty in the icy world.

The cave is located quite high in the mountains and even in summer the temperature here does not rise above zero. Therefore, to visit the caves must be warm to wear and dress warm, comfortable shoes that will not slide on the ice. In addition, should take care of gloves, as All paths and stairs are fitted with iron railings. Inside the cave will have to walk a lot of difficult, sloping paths, so you should be prepared for a difficult walk. However, the beauty of the world's ice is more than compensates for the inconvenience and difficulties in the way!

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