Liechtenstein (original title Burg Liechtenstein) - is an amazing old castle, which is located near the city of Vienna, near Maria Enzersdorf. Specifically, the Lichtenstein Castle is situated on the edge of the famous Vienna Woods.

Presented castle was built in the seventh century, but it destroyed the Ottoman Turks in 1529.
It should be noted that in 1884, Liechtenstein has been restored. The name of the castle "Liechtenstein" means "Light Stone" (named because of the bright brick structures), it is from this name and there was a name of the princely family of Liechtenstein, who ruled the state of the same name.

It is worth noting that in our time, this beautiful castle is known throughout the world thanks Nestroy Theater Festival, which is held here every year in the summer time. During its history, this castle often changed hands. Castle is at a height of about three hundred meters above sea level, on a rock. Almost all the building materials for the construction of the castle of Liechtenstein were made near the town of St. Margaret.

It should be noted that to date the original Liechtenstein survived only a few architectural elements. In the nineteenth century, during the restoration of the castle was returned to the "Romance of the Middle Ages." Length represented an Austrian castle is fifty meters long and fifteen meters, the data size is associated with an unusual arrangement of the castle.

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