Hochosterwitz (original title Burg Hochosterwitz) - a magnificent medieval castle, located in Carinthia in Austria. It should be noted that the castle Hochosterwitz is one of the most beautiful castles in Austria. More specifically, it is submitted to the castle of dolomite rock, near the town of St. Veit. Height above sea level of 160 meters.

It should be noted that in a good sunny weather dany lock can easily be considered from a distance of thirty miles. The first mention of the castle dates back to 860 Hochosterwitz year, while it had a name - Astorvitsa. This name dates back to the time of the Slavic principality - Carantania.

In the early sixteenth century, Ferdinand I gave the governor of Carinthia Christopher Khevenhiiller Hochosterwitz Castle. Before our vremneni this beautiful castle remains in the possession of the genus Khevenhiiller. It should be noted that tourists can easily visit the castle Hochosterwitz from April to the end of October, because only in this period of time, some parts of the castle are open for tours.

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