Dachstein (original title Hoher Dachstein) - it is very beautiful karst mountain range, and the second highest mountain in the northern limestone Alps. It should be noted that the Dachstein is a unique high-altitude plateau, which is located in the Austrian lands such as Upper Austria, Salzburg and Styria. That is why the Dachstein called "Hill of Three Lands" (original title Drei-Länder-Berg).

Size of the array is represented by 20 × 30 km, about ten peaks have a height of two thousand meters, the highest peaks are located in the south-western part of the plateau. It should be noted that the northern part is covered Dachstein glacier descending from him, but from the south, this mountain is cut off almost vertically into the valley.

In 1997, Dachstein, its exceptional landscape, entered the UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the town of Hallstatt. It should be noted that, in general, the Dachstein massif is composed of limestone that formed in the Triassic period. Dachstein as any karst area permeated the huge number of caves.

It is here that are the largest caves in Austria, such as Hirlatshele (original title Hirlatzhöhle), and Mammuthele (original title Mammuthhöhle). The most popular among tourists is the cave Aysrizenhele (original title Hirlatzhöhle).

Dachstein is known worldwide for its fossils. The largest glaciers, which are located on the Dachstein Glacier are Schladming Hallstatt glacier and glacier Big Gosau. To date, the glaciers slowly begin to recede, and eighty years they may disappear entirely.

It should be noted that the top of the Dachstein massif in 1832, was first conquered by Peter Garrmayrom. After a few years on top of a wooden cross was erected. The top of the Dachstein, being the highest point of the two lands, it is of interest to a large number of tourists in the summer and winter.

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