Tratzberg castle located in the southern part of Austria, in the province of Tyrol, a few kilometers from the town Shtummerberg. This is one of the most beautiful and striking castles in the country.

The first mention of the castle dates from the 13th century. In those days it was the last outpost against the Bavarians, and also used as a hunting lodge for the Emperor Maximilian I. In the late 15th century, the original building was destroyed by fire.

The emperor did not restore the castle, and granted it ruins Taenzelts rich family, owners of silver mines. In 1500 they built the first part of the late-Gothic modern building, with beautiful decorations of marble, wood and metal.

In 1554, the castle was once again changed ownership - it was bought by George Knight Ilsungsky. He changed the face of the castle and gave it features characteristic of the Renaissance. It is also visible on the court and colorized by luxurious rooms. In 1590, the castle has a new owner, who has further increased its area. After the change of a few owners, there was a period when the castle, over 150 years old, was uninhabited. In 1847 it became the property of the family Enzhenberg in whose possession he remained ever since.

At the time he was in very poor condition, but thanks to the efforts of members of the genus Enzhenberg, he was again restored, has become one of the main attractions of the country and is open to the public.

The castle appears to visitors in all its glory and not leave anyone indifferent. It is unique in that it preserved interiors and a large number of medieval furniture and art objects. Now it opened several rooms, where, under the old music, you can enjoy a dip in the story. Also on the grounds of the castle is a small chapel, which sometimes organize weddings.

Visitors also offers unique guided tours or audio playback, there is a special program for children, which will introduce children to the history of the castle in a fairy tale, they will hear the story of his previous owners and take part in fun competitions. Satisfied here, and special holidays for children, here you can even hold a children's birthday party.

Just working here fun, colorful tram that carries visitors around the castle. There is a castle and medieval era styled restaurant and gift shop, and a playground. Everyone will find fun to taste the castle Tratzberg. The castle is open to the public from early spring to late autumn day.

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