Bernstein - a great medieval castle, which is located in Austria. In written charters lock first appeared in the thirteenth century as a border fortress. It should be noted that the presented fortress became party to a number of wars and battles. Also frequently Bernstein castle changed its owners.

The last time Bernstein was captured in 1440 by Frederick III. It is worth noting that in 1892 this castle was bought by the family of the diamond. In 1953, Bernstein was the final hotel. To date, the owners of the castle are the family Berger - diamonds.

Specifically, this castle is located in the western part of the country near the famous lake, which has the name of Neusiedler See. Bernstein situation. Fairly well preserved medieval character. Guests presented the castle breakfast and dinner in the beautiful "Knight Hall" by candle light or sunlight. Almost all the dishes are prepared in the castle on the old wood stove.

In the rooms of the castle there is no modern technology, communication here is in harmony with the fascinating ancient fireplace. Tourists who visit the castle Bernstein, immediately offer a beautiful garden view, as well as the rampart of the castle. Everyone who walks in the surroundings of the medieval castle, filled with positive emotions, plenty of pristine nature, the living energy, the magic sound of the voice of birds, as well as the stunning scenery.

Visitors to the castle at night can easily relax in the sauna or pool. There is also a great tourist tennis courts and a large enough golf courses.

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