Forhtenshtayn fortress located in the Austrian state of Burgenland, 8 km south of the city Mattersburg. The fortress lies on a hill with walls a beautiful view of the surrounding area and Lake Neusiedl.

Initially, the first part of the fortress on the site was built in the 15th century. In 1622 it became the property of a certain kind of Esterhazy, whose representatives immediately strengthened and rebuilt it with the help of architect Simon Petacchi, and later - Domenico Carlone. In the second half of the 17th century the castle was again rebuilt and expanded in the late 17th century, was used as a repository for the many jewels and treasures of the Esterházy family. In the 18th century it again reorganized, updated its external and internal appearance.

Fortress is a massive, impregnable structure, surrounded by thick walls with several gates, courtyards and defense towers. Walls and buildings surround the oldest medieval tower, which dominates the whole ensemble. In the courtyard there is an equestrian statue of Paul Estrehazi - the first prince of the tribe, who lived in the 17th century.

Now Forhtenshtayn castle still belongs to an influential family Esterhazy here still kept many treasures of the family. In the endless halls of the castle in Austria exhibited a rich private collection of weapons, war trophies during the war with the Turks, the magnificent paintings of battle scenes, as well as portraits of the Esterhazy family, vintage jewelry and ornaments, a collection of medieval furniture, etc.

Now admire the magnificent collectibles can be anyone. In addition, in the magnificent halls of the fortress in the style of the Middle Ages, is allowed to conduct weddings, cocktail parties and banquets. More suited for this main room and Leopoldinskaya room. Fireplace room is perfect for a very small, narrow reception. You can also cover the banquet tables and the fortress wall with stunning views.


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Riegersburg castle located in the southern part of Austria in the federal state of Styria, near the town of Riegersburg, over the creek Gratsbah. This is absolutely unassailable, raised on rock structure, always amazing.

The castle was once the southernmost outpost of Styria, and during World War II was a German stronghold. It is believed that the castle Riegersburg - one of the largest baroque castles in Austria.

Castle in the area began to build for about 1100 on the remains of volcanic rock 482 meters high. The oldest of extant buildings date from the early 12th century. Modern castle gained its appearance in the 17th century. Since 1822 the castle is owned by members of the princely family von Liechtenstein, the nearest heirs Messrs. von Riegersburg-Vildon - former owners of the castle.

Now Castle Riegersburg is a huge area of ​​15 hectares, surrounded by 3-km-long massive wall, with 11 bastions and seven powerful fortified gates. For the six gates begin residential and farm buildings. Here is the arsenal, which is now kept old weapons and military vehicles, which were once used to repel enemy attacks. For the second moat are the buildings of the castle. In fact, here is a few locks, the largest of which - medium - called Vildon. In castles, there are 108 different large and small spaces.

Interest and located in an old Gothic tower of the castle, the prince room with restored interior, knights' hall, equipped in a medieval style, the collection of ancient weapons, etc. In the dungeon of the castle in 12 rooms located Witch Museum, which revived the old bloody history. The building is one of the locks is a museum family of Liechtenstein.

In the inner courtyard of the castle is an ancient well, surrounded fanciful wrought-iron fence. In horseshoe pattern woven fences and, according to legend, who found it to be very successful in life.

Inside the walled area now are extensive vineyards that rent local winemakers.