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Linz castle is located on the western part of the Old Town, the Danube on a high rock between the area Römerberg Tunnel (original title Roemerberg Tunnel) and the area (original title Hauptplatz).

From the beginning, this castle was a small fort, which was built in 799 year. It is worth noting that in 1477, rebuilt the castle represented the Emperor Frederick III, placing in it his residence. Frederick III was the only Austrian emperor, who lived in Linz.

  Before our time of the reign of Frederick III were fragments of fortifications, the western gate Fridrihstor and bstiony. Above the main gate of the castle you can see the inscription «AEIOU» - «Alles Erdreich ist Oesterreih untertaten», which means - the whole world is subject to Austria. This marking indicates that Austria at the time was a very strong state.

In 1600, during the reign of Rudolf II of this beautiful castle was slightly redesigned. During its history, the castle was the seat of Linz, hospital, barracks and even a prison. Today in the castle you can see the most interesting collection of antiques, crafts, paintings, weapons, church utensils, etc. It should be noted that quite often in the castle park organize various exciting performances.


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 Old Cathedral in Linz (original title Alter Dom) - a unique pattern of classical Baroque architecture. It should be noted that this Council has emerged as a Jesuit church in the late seventeenth century. Presented Cathedral has another name - the Cathedral of St. Ignatius (original title Ignatiuskirche). This cathedral was built in honor of the founder of the Jesuit order.

Anyone who intends to visit the Austrian city of Linz, should definitely see this amazing cathedral. If we talk about the appearance of the Old Cathedral, he at first glance seems quite ordinary and humble. It should be noted that it is the Old Cathedral in Linz wins the rich decoration of interior rooms. Eg room decorated with a unique pink marble, tall columns with ornate decorations and marble sculptures.

We can say that every detail of construction of the Old Cathedral of Linz is simply amazing and mesmerizing. The cathedral construction began in the seventeenth century, the architect of the Old Cathedral was Pietro Francesco Carlone. About a hundred years old cathedral was acting Cathedral. For a long time there existed a college for monks and Jesuits.

Many tourists visit this cathedral, to only see pictures of the great Italian A.Belluchi, the most famous of which is the painting "St. Aloysius', which is located above the altar. Also in the Old Cathedral has its largest organ, amazing sound which is recognized as music lovers from all over the world. Long time regular organist Old Cathedral is a famous Austrian composer - Anton Bruckner.

At present, there is annually held festival organists name Bruckner. This cathedral is located near the main square. Tourists can find the Old Cathedral on the greenish color of the facade.

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