Church of St. Martin (the original name Martinskirche) - It is a beautiful church, which is located in the city of Linz. It should be noted that the church of St. Martin is one of the oldest monuments in Austria, and is the oldest church in the country.

Foundation of the city of Linz, many historians have attributed the emergence of this particular church. It should be noted that the start of construction of the church dates from the 799 submitted year. This church is a wonderful architectural ensemble, which is made of a rare white stone, which is combined with a red-brown brick roofs.

The main building of the church - it is a narrow rectangle, which arches on the east side bricked, but the windows are in a beautiful late Gothic style. Interior of the church of Saint Martin are decorated with beautiful frescoes, which date from the fourteenth - fifteenth centuries. Inside the church, you can see elements of the Baroque style, such as transient arches and beautiful stained glass windows painted.

Specifically, the church of St. Martin began to build during the campaign of Charlemagne King of the Franks against accidents that strikes fear in the people of Eastern Europe. The church itself is named in honor of St. Martin - the patron of soldiers and shepherds. In the nineteenth century the church of St. Martin was destroyed, but in the twentieth century, it was restored.

It should be noted that during the period of restoration, archaeologists found in the ancient Celtic church hall Carolingian era and ancient plate with Roman inscriptions. Each year, this beautiful church visit a huge number of tourists from different corners of the globe.

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 New Cathedral in Linz (original title Neuer Dom) is the largest in area, as well as the number of parishioners of the Cathedral of Austria. It should be noted that this amazing cathedral was consecrated in the early twentieth century. In the room of the Cathedral can simultaneously be about twenty thousand people. Presented cathedral built in the Gothic Revival style.

It should be noted that the New Cathedral in Linz has six chapels that are decorated beautiful stone statues and marble altars. This grand cathedral like a Christian cross in its planning. One can easily say that the grand architectural complex - Neuer Dom is indescribable in words.

This Austrian cathedral occupies an area of ​​five thousand square meters. Its main tower has a height of about one hundred and thirty-five feet. Specifically, the new church was built in about 60 years. Its construction began in the sixties about the nineteenth century. The construction of the cathedral took place at the expense of the Catholic Church, as well as through the city. Previously had the name Cathedral - the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception or Mariendom.

Above the building famous architect - Shtats Vincent, author of an amazing cathedral in Cologne. New Cathedral in Linz is reaching into the sky line towers, large arched windows, which are embellished with lace, as well as in-depth portals within the church. The interior of the temple of light golden glow, with a shimmering characteristic of Gothic gloom.

It should be noted that in this unique stained glass cathedral about two thousand, many of which pose a long history of the city of Linz (many victories of the war, as well as events related to the Catholic history). Even in the new cathedral has a magnificent organ, which attracts during the Christmas holidays a lot of Catholics and tourists.

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