The complex, which includes the Church of St. Catherine and the Mausoleum of Emperor Ferdinand II called the people just a mausoleum. It is located in the heart of the historic city of Graz in Austria. Directly adjacent to the Mausoleum of the Cathedral, and nearby is the castle Burg.

The mausoleum is a complex of interconnected buildings. In place of the present church was located earlier religious building since the mid-13th century as well dedicated to St. Catherine.

This complex was built in the early 17th century Italian architect Giovanni court Pietro de Pomisom. Noticeably strong Italian influence in all buildings - oval dome above the tomb, soft, carved facade features, etc. Part of it was completed in 1636. Finally, it completed construction only in the late 17th century, even when the grandson of Emperor Ferdinand II, Leopold I.

Above, on the roof of the church stands a graceful statue of St. Catherine, and two angels on each side. In the very shrine contains the tombs of the mother of the emperor, himself Ferdinand II, his first wife and one son. The tomb is decorated with beautiful mother of Emperor sarcophagus of red marble, while the resting place of the emperor himself noted a simple stone slab with an inscription.

The tomb is part of the famous crown of Graz, a complex of architectural masterpieces, which includes all but him and the Cathedral, the castle of Burg and the building of the university.

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