Franciscan church in the city of Graz is one of the greatest and most significant buildings in the city. Most of all she is famous for its outstanding high tower. Besides, this is one of the oldest churches in Graz. It is located west of the city's central square, in the precincts of the UNESCO-protected historic center.

The base is the monastery and the first church building belongs to 1239. It was originally a monastery Minorite, but in 1515 it was transferred to the Franciscans. Building a high west tower with an unusual onion dome was completed in 1643.

Inside the Franciscan Church is a fairly large room with a ribbed vaulted ceiling. Chapel of St. James Church is separated from the rest of the room baroque bars. It dates back to 1650, and the altar - 1720 year. Unfortunately, the church was severely damaged during the Second World War and was significantly restored.

The interior of the church is very rich and the glint in the baroque style. There are many gilded moldings, lots of statues and paintings. The central altar is situated on a hill and dominates much of the interior.

It is noteworthy that in the main tower, the belfry of the church is one of the oldest bells in Graz - it dates from the 1272 year.

Franciscan Church 1

Franciscan Church 2

Franciscan Church 3