Castle Schlossberg

Schlossberg Castle is located in Graz, Austria. This is one of the most famous and favorite tourist attractions. The castle is at the end of the old part of town, on a high hill.

The castle was built here in 1125 and was never taken until 1809, when he was captured and partially destroyed the armies of Napoleon. Since then, the castle is fully restored. The name itself - Schlossberg - means "Castle Hill". Now popular with tourists and locals alike enjoy not only the remains of fortifications, but also a beautiful, large park, numerous meadows, theater and cafe, located on the grounds of the castle.

You can get here in three ways. The most difficult - the rise of foot. It takes about half an hour - the height of the mountain for more than 70 meters, and the zigzag steps are often rotated, making the rise of lengthy and not easy. But here is equipped with a lot of sites where you can relax and enjoy the magnificent views of the city. Many people prefer to go down the stairs after visiting the castle. The second way - to get up on the funicular, which is known as Shlossbergban since 1894. The third way - to use an elevator, which rises a few minutes to 77 meters.

The most popular and visited the castle is in the Clock Tower, which was built here in 1265, and then, in 1569, was restored. It is interesting that the original hours on her hands was the only one that shows only the clock. Later attached second arrow to indicate the minutes. However, the first arrow was longer and thicker, and now the longer the arrow indicates the clock here, but smaller - minutes. From it and from the nearby Bell Tower offers wonderful views of the surrounding area, the red roofs of the city and at home.

Also here, within the castle, now operates a military museum where several old guns and other weapons, there is also an open air theater, where the warm season, held the view. It is worth paying attention to as well, and the beautiful Chinese Pavilion, and the unusual Gothic gates, and underground catacombs, where is equipped with exhibition halls.

On the grounds of the castle Schlossberg runs several small cafe where you can eat a snack. There is also a souvenir shop where you can buy souvenirs and traditional local map of the castle hill. Up to five o'clock in the evening you can order a tour with a guide to the castle. Locals love to organize picnics here, spending time as a family, children and friends.

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