In the center of the city of Graz is one of the castles of the city - Burg. It is adjacent to the Cathedral of Graz, and the Mausoleum.

Burgh Castle was built in the mid-15th century by Emperor Frederick III, who decided that an earlier castle - Schlossberg is too small. For many centuries the history of the castle has undergone many changes, so to have survived only a minor part of the original design. It was used as the residence of a small Austrian court, and now here are some government departments striae. Also on the grounds of the castle, various events, conferences and congresses.

The most interesting and famous part of the castle is located in the middle of a very original gothic double spiral staircase. This complex structure is added onto here when his son Frederick III Maximilian I. The ladder consists of two separate twisted structures, which are interconnected by several steps, and openings on each floor. This architectural masterpiece of 1499 is interpreted by experts as a symbol of eternity.

During the building of the castle is a small, very nice and cozy park, where the greenhouse and where you can relax after a nice walk. Previously, there was a small castle church.

Burgh Castle 2