For Emperor Franz Joseph I resort Bad Ischl was a special place. He loved this town, and there he met his future wife, Elizabeth, Princess of Bavaria. Sofia of Bavaria, like any mother, she realized her son to love luxurious place amid green forests, and in honor of the engagement with the Princess Elizabeth gave him a castle, called the Imperial Villa. To visit Bad Ischl, you'll need to buy tickets to Austria.
Imperial Villa is located near the center of Bad Ischl, and is now owned by Archduke Mark Salvatore, who, however, has not made it his personal residence and opened to the public and the villa and the surrounding park. The building is now a museum where you can see the trophies of the emperor and his personal belongings. As well as portraits of Franz Joseph and his wife Sissi. Also close to the villa is a lot of hotels in Bad Ischl.
The park near the villa is set original monument to Franz Joseph - dressed in hunting clothes, he listens to the sounds of the forest, surrounded by hunting dogs. The current owner tries to support the interior of the rooms in the same condition as it was during the life of Franz Joseph, in which the emperor had a good half of his life - he came here every summer for 60 years until his death in 1914.

Imperial Villa 1

Imperial Villa 2

Imperial Villa 3