Originally a collection of Tyrol museum, which is also called Ferdinandeum, created by gifts and donations. A few years after the opening of the museum works of art were unsubscribed museum near Wills - so in the museum appeared outstanding works of Italian and Dutch masters. To visit the museum, you need to book a cheap hotel in Innsbruck.

The museum contains a unique collection of graphics, separated from the main exhibition in 1976, but the first models appeared in the museum in 1823, when the monastery Stams made Ferdinandeum gift of dozens of works of art, among them Joseph Shepfa graphic prints. Vposledstvivi museum purchased or received as a gift prints and lithographs from the collection has grown, and she was allocated a room in the museum.
Also in Ferdinandeum provides a large and varied library. It is more than 2,500 manuscripts IX - XX centuries., Books, among which there are the earliest examples of printing, periodicals, which were issued during the XVIII - XX centuries. also has special collections, which is rare cards, autographs, calendars, interesting theater tickets - in many ways, this collection is unique typography.

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