One of the most prominent and well-known monuments in Innsbruck is the Arch of Triumph. It was erected on the spot where formerly the southern gate to the city.

It was built in 1765 by order of Maria Theresa in honor of the marriage of her son Leopold II to the Spanish Princess Maria. When the husband of Maria Theresa, Franz Stephan died suddenly during the ceremony, the grief of his death was also embodied in the construction of the arch. Thus, the north side symbolizes the joy of the wedding, and southern - sorrow for the deceased emperor.

In those days, the triumphal arches were built in many cities quite often, in honor of an event or celebration. They were made primarily of wood, so you can easily understand. Arc de Triomphe in Innsbruck was lucky - it was built of stone and this amazing building has come intact to this day.

The stones for the construction of the arch design was taken from the gates, which were placed on the same spot. The design and overall management of the construction carried architect Konstantin Walter, decorative items carried Johan Gayenauer. Originally ornaments were made of plaster, and in 1774, Balthasar Moll made them marble copies, which are placed on the arch instead of the old ones.

The reliefs depict the characters of the Habsburg monarchy and modern Maria Theresa of people and events. Arch is still striking in its beauty and grandeur.

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