Votens small town, located just a short drive from Innsbruck, and remained unknown to anyone, provincial town, had in 1995 decided to establish here is not unique, the only museum in the world of crystal. It was created for the 100th anniversary of the Swarovski factory people to see the unique beauty of crystal, felt magic of crystals.

A museum known Austrian artist Andre Heller. Unusual in this museum begins with its location. It is ... underground! This fabulous treasure cave is called "the Swarovski Crystal Worlds."

From a distance you can see an artificial hill made in the form of a huge head with glowing eyes, the mouth of which is a small pond in a beautiful flowing waterfall. In the spotlight, he seems also to have made of crystal. Entrance to the underground room is located right in the head.

The museum itself is a seven interconnected halls, where not only are all kinds of Swarovski crystals, but also tells the story of a factory and rhinestones. To get to the museum, you walk along the corridor, decorated 12-ton wall of pure crystal. Tunnel walls are decorated with lines from the works of famous poets and writers that mention crystal.

Here, in one of the rooms, you can see the largest and the smallest ever produced crystals. Largest - 40 cm in diameter weighs about 62 pounds! And the smallest can be seen only through a microscope - its diameter is less than a millimeter! There is also a "soft" Salvador Dali clock from crystal, and the decoration of the horse of the great Indian maharajah, and miniature musical instruments, crystal, jewelry and many other interesting exhibits.

One of the wonderful rooms is always of a shock to all visitors - here you will find yourself, as it were in the middle of a huge crystal. This effect is achieved with 590 triangular mirrors, which create an incredible illusion.

Near the exit of the museum's unique labyrinth laid a hand that will entertain both children and adults. Enjoy this wonderful museum annually attracts about 600,000 tourists. It is worth noting that the entrance fee is quite expensive here.

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