"Golden Roof" is considered to be hallmark of the Austrian city of Innsbruck. In fact, this is not the roof - the so-called home, which is attached to the facade of the balcony, made in a style different from all buildings. Above the balcony overhanging the golden bay window, held by four columns, which gave its name to the house. Balcony was built by Emperor Maximilian I, his bay window covered nearly 3,000 gold plates, which depict the emperor himself, his wife, various animals and birds, scenes from various events and performances. If you want to visit this place, you need to book a cheap hotel in Innsbruck.
About this balcony runs the legend that he was made an Austrian duke Frederick, who bore the nickname "Empty pockets". To refute such a nasty nickname, Duke, and allegedly ordered to attach to the house balcony and inlaid with gold. But this is only a legend, and the true inventor of the balcony was still the Emperor Maximilian.
The building, wherein such an interesting balcony and was previously the residence of Salzburg Habsburg, and now it is a museum that tells about all the representatives of the dynasty, the largest exhibition devoted to the Emperor Maximilian, who is considered the most just ruler. At neshem site you can buy Deeva flight to Innsbruck.

Golden Roof 1

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