This Gothic cathedral was rebuilt in 1180 - 1191's. And confirm the exact date of this historic document, preserved in the XIII century. In the Age of Enlightenment, the cathedral was undeservedly forgotten, but in 1980, largely thanks to the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho, the cathedral again became an object of pilgrimage. The fact that the cathedral is a landmark on the eastern Way of St. James (Santiago Way), in which the Middle Ages was a tremendous amount of people. Book a hotel in Innsbruck to advance.

This is a fairly simple building, decorated with equestrian statue, a statue of the Virgin Mary on the side and watch towers. From the original building of the cathedral there is little preserved, but in the interiors can still be seen the remains of the old stucco. The painting on the walls depicts scenes from the life of St. James. The main object of pilgrimage to the temple is the icon "The Virgin Mary - Assistant", mounted in the center of the altar.
In the Cathedral of St. James is the tomb of Archduke Maximilian III, cast bronze tombstone is considered a masterpiece of the late Renaissance. On the tombstone of a bronze monument to Archduke and bronze memorial plate. The Cathedral is open to parishioners and visitors as a museum.

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