Not far from the Austrian city of Innsbruck was stretched a magnificent English-style park in the center of which stands the miracle of the Austrian Renaissance - Castle Ambras. The modern building of the castle was built in the middle of the XVI century., But there is evidence that there is a castle from the XII century. Then lived there Andeks graphs. To visit the Ambras Castle, you need to book a cheap hotel in Innsbruck.

The current castle is now was built on the orders of Archduke Ferdinand II, who secretly married his sweetheart and was going to live with her in this castle. In memory of this romantic event in the castle was rebuilt the chapel, which still held the wedding ceremony.
The castle consists of two parts, one of which is built on the site of an old building. Both parts of the castle are connected by the Spanish Hall, the interior of which is preserved to this day almost unchanged. The walls and ceiling of the hall depicts scenes from the lives and figures Tyroleans rulers.
Archduke Ferdinand arranged in the first castle in the Austrian Museum, from which is now preserved only armory, Cabinet of Curiosities and portrait gallery. The portraits depict the representatives of the Habsburg dynasty, and carried them to such outstanding artists as Lucas Cranach, Peter Rubens and Diego Velázquez. Remember, our portal you can find out about the price of the ticket in Innsbruck.

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