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Built in 1858 Sydney Observatory - the oldest observatory in Australia and one of the most important monuments of the scientific history of Australia. Government of New South Wales Observatory found that the object "of national importance" and is included in the list of world cultural heritage.

The station is located near the historic district of Sydney Mining - Rocks district - and the world famous Sydney Harbor Bridge, and from anywhere in the city until it is easy to reach by bus, train or ferry or car.

Sydney Observatory 2
Sydney Observatory

Historically, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was very broad functions: it was designed for navigation navigation, meteorology and precision timing, and, of course, the study of Southern Hemisphere stars. Astronomers have worked and lived in the same building until 1982, when the Sydney Observatory became part Powerhouse Museum. Today Observatory - is a museum, and a public observatory with an important role in the study and popularization of astronomy and a wide and accessible to everyone telescopic observations of the stars of the Southern sky.

The observatory can see the real historical value - made in 1874, the unique telescope with a 29-centimeter lens adjacent to the ultra modern computer-controlled telescope with a lens diameter of 42 cm

There is an observatory newest alpha-hydrogen telescope for comprehensive observations of the Sun, a virtual "space theater" in 3D, where the project all of the stars and constellations of the near-Earth space. For visitors, the exhibition on the history of meteorology and the Sydney Observatory, lectures on astronomy, runs a gift shop and a large dome planetarium.

Sydney Observatory telescope

All at the Sydney Observatory is for the convenience of visitors of all ages and interests.

Visiting Sydney Observatory can include entertaining lectures, day or night observation through telescopes. Guests can take a virtual observatory "space travel" in 3D-theater or rocket launch at a school holiday workshop. In the evening and night-time visitors can spend the beautiful observations of the moon, planets and stars in the southern sky.

Afternoon sessions are held from 10 to 17 hours, the night - from 20 to 22 hours to Adult guided observation through a telescope and a session in 3D-theater will cost an average of $ 7 and $ 15 day of night, for the price of one-third of children below. The observatory is open daily, except Good Friday and Christmas Day.