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Sydney IMAX Theatre is located at the water, on the banks of the business and entertainment district, Darling Harbour, close to the exhibition center and the hotel Park Royal. Cinema building can not be confused with anything else in the area because of its unusual diamond shape and bright color coloring.

The main feature of the cinema is that it has the world's largest cinema screen - 29.42 m high and 35.73 m wide - that is just very suitable for the most successful technology demonstration IMAX, which today is the most exciting film format in the world.

From the earliest days of cinema filmmakers realized that greater size and clarity has a greater impact on the viewer. For this and need a giant screen.

IMAX Theatre Sydney

Covering an area of ​​more than 1015 square meters of Sydney's giant screen IMAX-cinema silvered for better brightness, higher contrast and clarity, which is especially important when the projection of films in 2D and 3D. Reaches a height of eight-screen home. Image on it - and the immense size of the highest quality and surround sound unbelievably real and powerful. He will take you to another world, and a specially designed room will allow you to experience the full ownership of everything on the screen.

In Sydney cinema IMAX Theatre can see not only the movie news. In 3D-Hall has consistently demonstrated an exciting documentary about Australia, Antarctica, oceans, dinosaurs, ancient world and space, which, undoubtedly, will also be interesting to tourists.

Not surprisingly, the Sydney Theatre is always full of spectators! He works seven days a week, 365 days a year, around the clock. Adult ticket will cost $ 05.19, children - 14.5 $.

View showtimes and purchase tickets, please visit the Sydney Theatre IMAX Theatre