Chinese Garden of Friendship - a decorative Chinese garden at the southern end of Darling Harbour (near Sydney), next to the Sydney Chinatown.

Stylized traditional elite private garden Ming Dynasty, Garden of Friendship is a legacy of the present Chinese history and culture and the chance to discover the ancient traditions of Chinese landscape art, architecture and unique landscaping.

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Chinese Garden of Friendship

Friendship Garden was planted by experts from Guangzhou - the sister city of Sydney. Sydney's Chinatown was by then already quite rich, and full of "islands" of traditional Chinese culture.

The garden was officially opened in 1988 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Australia and was called the "Garden of Friendship", symbolizing the beginning of a strong culture of friendship between China and Australia.

I must say that unlike ornamental Chinese gardens (Garden of Friendship and Sydney, in particular) from the western is that they are not planted flowerbeds or "smoothed" lawns. Instead, in the picturesque landscape recreated wilderness areas and "appear" waterfalls, mountains, lakes and forests. According to the tradition of classical Chinese gardens, the Garden of Friendship used the famous principle of the use of four key elements: water, plants, rocks and architecture. Uniform and natural combination of these elements should create harmony and tranquility of the outside world.

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Chinese Garden

Garden is full of exotic plants. Because of the similarity of climate of New South Wales and the province of Guangdong, many plants, including rare and unusual characteristic of southern China, are growing in the Garden of Friendship include some fossil and the famous red mulberry (a vegetable character of Guangdong Province).

The unique garden attractions include Dragon Wall - a symbol of the cultural context of New South Wales and Guangzhou, Water Pavilion flavor lotus Twin Pavilion, Tea House, where you can try all sorts of traditional Chinese tea. Is there Jade Pavilion, Round Hall, the Chamber of Clear Rhythm, Wandering Gallery and much more.

Visiting Chinese Garden of Friendship for adults is 6A $, and for the child - 3A $; audio

tour (in English and Chinese) will cost 4A $. Friendship Garden is open to visitors daily from 9:30 am to 17 pm, except Good Friday and Christmas Day. You can get there by monorail or subway from anywhere in the city.