Trendy lounge bar Argyle situated in the old Sydney, one of the survivors of the first buildings of the city. It's all very respectable, all male guests dressed in costumes. But fun advertising bar that hangs in the closet depicts a naked couple - man and woman sitting on the couch absently and knitting needles. The caption: "After a night in Argyle, we want only one thing - to stay home and tie a little." The people are always very much: on weekdays, and on weekends.

Argyle 1

Argyle is extremely convenient for all kinds of parties and celebrations. He just adapted to it could fun, interesting and easy to spend time the most simple of Sydney, guests, locals and even celebrities, who can sometimes be seen there. At various times in the bar hosts a party such as the New Year's Eve celebration in the evening after a business presentation or Australian RSVP Expo Design Competition in Argyle.

Representative for travelers - the best option pleasant acquaintances with the local culture and people. Several rooms, interesting interior and a good cocktail menu. On Sundays - from 5 to 9 pm - musicians play. Music: funk, nu-jazz, disco and downtempo.