Monkey Mia - a popular tourist resort located in the Marine Park "Shark Bay" in the Sharks Bay in 800 km north of Perth.

The main attraction that attracts thousands of visitors each year - an opportunity to feed the bottlenose dolphins, which for the past 40 years, every day, swim to the shore waiting for the food.

The word "mia" in the language of the local Aboriginal people means "house" or "shelter" and "monkey", perhaps derived from the name of the vessel on which the pearl, and which is anchored in this area in the late 19th century, when the pearl industry flourished . There is another version that part of the "monkey" in the name of the resort, there was little monkeys who were held at the Malay divers digging here pearls.

Since the late 19th century, Monkey Mia was used as a base for fishing and the pearl industry. In 1960, a local fisherman and his wife began to lure bottlenose dolphins, also known as the bottlenose, when they returned from fishing. When the news that dolphins appear regularly along the coast, spread, here pulled numerous tourists to admire the spectacle. In 1985 he built an information center, and in 1990 the waters of Monkey Mia joined the Marine Park "Shark Bay".

In recent years, much attention is paid to the aboriginal history of these places - for the tourists paved several hiking trails, introducing the culture and way of life of indigenous peoples Monkey Mia - Aboriginal tribe malgana.

Monkey Mia - it is also a natural laboratory, which studies the biological and behavioral aspects of bottlenose dolphins. Appropriate research project was launched in 1982, it involved well-known scientists in Australia, North America and Europe.

In the 8-minute boat ride across the bay Red Cliff is a pearl farm - the only one of its kind in Western Australia, where you can not only learn about how to extract or cultivated pearls, and buy your favorite product.

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