At 323 km southwest of Alice Springs is the National Park "Vatarrka", which includes one of the major tourist attractions in Central Australia - Kings Canyon. Canyon cliffs soar up to 300 meters, and on its bottom of a small river flowing Kings Creek. In one part of the gorge is denied access to tourists - it is sacred to the Aboriginal tribe "luritya", which for thousands of years were the only inhabitants of these places. Today, in the famous "Red Centre" are going thousands of tourists to take in the amazing mountain scenery of the park. They do not stop even extreme temperatures, typical of this desert region - in the summer the air is often heated to +40 º C. You can get here by road Stewart Highway leading from Alice Springs.

In the park you can find several species of desert plants, most of which are grown around the mountain lake "Garden of Eden." Here, exotic birds - ground dove, finch laser, medosos, grass wren and black buzzard.

As usual in the national parks, "Vatarrke" laid a lot of hiking trails, designed for a different level of tourists. Beginners should go for a walk along the Royal River Canyon along Kings Creek on the eponymous track, which leads to the viewing platform - with its stunning views of the cliffs overhanging the river. Bole is suitable for experienced 7-mile roundabout way, surrounding Canyon and leading to its top. To overcome this way takes about 5 hours. Well, like most experienced 22-kilometer trail Giles-track leading through the canyon to the town of Kathleen Springs. The tourist center «The Kings Canyon Resort» You can also order a helicopter tour, a trip by camel or quad bike.

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