Museum of Central Australia in Alice Springs, talks about the unique nature of the central region of the "green" of the continent, its geological history, the evolution of landscapes and amazing creatures that inhabited this place thousands of years ago.

Fragments of meteorites, fossils and interactive displays - are the main "witnesses" of the geological history of Central Australia since the Big Bang to the present day.

Layout of the ancient lake Alkuta, the main site of scientific research in the region, demonstrates some amazing megafauna fossils found here - a giant freshwater crocodile and the largest bird that ever lived.

An outstanding exhibition of Central Australian birds, mammals, reptiles and insects will allow users to identify some of the animals that they could see during a trip to the Red Centre.

The museum houses a research center «Strehlow», holds one of the largest collections of Australian films, recordings, archival records and artifacts related to the ceremonial life of the local Aboriginal people. This collection over several decades of anthropological research collected Lutheran priest Strehlou Carl and his son.

The museum also hosts traveling exhibition Libraries Northern Territories, dedicated to air raids on Darwin in February 1942. During the Second World War along the Stuart Highway, Highway, connecting Darwin and Alice Springs, were located Defense Forces were preparing to defend the northern part of Australia. In the exhibition you can see photos and archival materials at the time.The Museum of Central Australia 1The Museum of Central Australia 2The Museum of Central Australia 3The Museum of Central Australia 4The Museum of Central Australia 5The Museum of Central Australia 6