Aviation Museum of Central Australia was opened in 1979 in the town of Alice Springs. Exposition is located in a hangar of the former airline «Connellan Airways» in Araluen, where once stood the city airport. A house near the local aviation pioneer Eddie Connellan.

Connellan bought the hangar in 1939 at a factory in Sydney and brought to Alice Springs - it housed the headquarters of his small airline, delivers mail and performs other freight statewide Northern Territory. That Eddie Connellan in July 1939, made its first flight, which started not with the city airport.

In late 1970 a public committee Alice Springs $ 25 thousand dollars for the restoration hangar Connellan, who by then had almost come into disrepair, and made it to the Museum of Aviation. In 1982, near the pavilion opened dioramic "Kookaburra", and in 1983 set up on a pedestal twin-engine monoplane "Dove."

Today, the museum can learn about the history of aviation in Central Australia and the Northern Territory state, starting with the first flight of De Havilland, committed in October 1921. Among the exhibits - the aircraft of the Royal Service "The Flying Doctor" trainer "Vakett", the aforementioned twin-engine monoplane glider built in Australia "Kookaburra" jet engine "Derwent", numerous aviation relics, historical photos and other things.

Dioramic pavilion "Kookaburra" tells the tragic story of the ill-fated flight Hitchcock and Anderson, who died in the desert in 1929, during the search of Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith and Charles Ulm. The video explains the circumstances of the tragedy, and in the hall you can see the remains of the plane "Vestlend Vidzhion", in which both pilots were killed. The wreckage was found in 1978 and handed over to the museum.

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