Reptile Centre Alice Springs - private ownership, which gathered the largest collection of reptiles in the state of Northern Territory. Here you can see a lizard perenti, plaschenosuyu lizard, Moloch, large and small pion and poisonous snakes, including the MS Taipan, false cobra Australian Agrionemys and very dangerous royal brown snake. The center is a popular tourist attraction, which also conducted environmental-education programs.

All of the "cold-blooded" center residents - indigenous Australians. Many were caught in the homes of local people, in the courts or brought from the territories as part of a special program set fire to prevent the devastating summer fires. Some reptiles, by the way, and then returned to the wild. The center's employees also go on call at home, who picked up poisonous snakes, and catch them.

Founded Neyndorfom Rex, a former trainer of reptiles, the center opened in January 2000. Today there are more than 100 reptiles representing 30 species, which often appear on television documentaries and in the pages of magazines such as cognitive «National Geographic».

In 2002, in the center of the exposition dedicated to saltwater crocodiles, and in 2006 - exhibition of fossils showing the development of reptiles over the past 200 million years. Interestingly, the sponsor of this exhibition was the Australian Association of Tourism Development.

Several times in its history, the inhabitants of the center have been attacked by people. So, in 2004, two 13-year old boys broke into the center and with batons attacked the crocodile, breaking his teeth and causing multiple injuries. In 2008, another 7-year-old boy entered the center after hours and made a real massacre, which resulted in killing 13 animals! Killed, including 20-year-old Spencer's goanna, turtle, lizard and a bearded lizard moloch. Some animals juvenile offender threw over the fence in the enclosure to the 200-pound saltwater crocodiles. After this incident, which was widely publicized throughout the world, in the state of Northern Territory has been seriously reconsidered punishment for offenders under 10 years of age.

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