"Deserted Park" - is environmental education center, spread over an area of ​​1300 hectares in Alice Springs. He is a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums and a member of the International Society for the Preservation of botanical gardens.

On the territory of the "Desert Park" you can see the typical inhabitants of the Central Australian desert, as the representatives of the fauna and flora. There is a number of research programs that help keep the population of wild animals and plants, as well as educational programs that introduce visitors to the unique nature of the "heart" of Australia. Much of the work of the park is the direct participation of the indigenous inhabitants of these places - arrernte Aboriginal tribe, the real owners of this land.

According to the Park 1.6-mile paved trail that connects the three main sections, which reproduce natural conditions, - Desert Rivers, Sand Country and Forest. Passing through the deserts Rivers, visitors find themselves in a consistently dry riverbed that once flooded the area and in the swamps. Here you can see the river eucalyptus, reeds and aquatic plants. Among the inhabitants of this section - finches, cockatoos, frogs and a variety of fish. Aborigines tell about how for thousands of years, they have used such places to harvest and manufacture of drugs. The country produces desert sand with its salt and gypsum crafts. In the area of ​​Woods' home to kangaroos and emus. In addition, the park has a nocturnal animal house, where you can see a variety of reptiles, invertebrates, birds and mammals, nocturnal, and the theater of nature with birds of prey. Mandatory part of the excursion program is the story of how, in these harsh conditions arrernte Aborigines lived.

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