City Alice Springs - is the main base of the famous Royal Service "Flying Doctor", which deals with medical care for people living in remote areas of central Australia. Acquainted with the work of the service can be spectacular during the tour, which includes a story about the "flying doctor", viewing videos and inspect a small museum. Around the headquarters service split lovely garden and built a small gift shop.

Royal Service "The Flying Doctor" was created in 1928 by the Reverend John Flynn in an experiment called "Aviation Medical Service." His idea was to ensure the safety of communities living in remote parts of the interior of the continent by establishing hospitals. The first year of service has made 50 flights, flying about 20,000 miles. In 1939, the first flights of the "flying doctors" providing both emergency care and treatment services throughout Central Australia, set out from Alice Springs. Up until the 1960s, took office in rent planes, hired on contract pilots and maintenance personnel. But later with the government, it started to get everything you need in the property. With recent advances of aviation, communications and medical technology service managed to create a network of health centers for those who live, work or travel in the vast territories of the Australian outback.

Today, the service has a base in Adelaide, Port Augusta Medical Center and Ayers Rock in the resort town of Yulara. Jurisdiction "flying doctors" - a state of South Australia and the southern part of the state of Northern Territory, but the flights are necessary, and within the State of Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. More than 2.3 million km. square. covered medical network. Without this unique service most remote corners of the country would be uninhabitable.

Royal Service "The Flying Doctor" - is the first and largest in the world aeromedical organization.

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