The National Women's Hall of Fame, Pioneers (National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame), established in 1993, commemorates women who have made invaluable contributions to the development of the Australian continent. In this case, the woman is considered to be a pioneer of any woman to become a pioneer in the field, not only in the traditional sense of the word - a colonist, explorer or settler in the new lands, but simply invented or invented anything new. It tells the story of the lives of over 100 women who have something unusual.

Among the permanent collections of the small museum - "Ordinary women / Unusual Destiny", "Women in the heart (central Australia)," "Women's studies in the recent past", "Pilots" and others. Regularly hosts special exhibitions, such as "Kitchen of Central Australia," "Love and Punishment: those who prepare food for the prisoners" and "Honeymoon in the wilderness expedition Bertha Strehlou Peterman on a mountain ridge in 1936."

Exposure Hall of Fame located in the old prison building Alice Springs, where you can also learn the history of the building itself. Thus, the tourists have a unique opportunity to visit two important historical places at once. By the way, the National Women's Hall of Fame pioneer - is one of three Australian museums dedicated to women. Its unique collection of books, photographs, audio and video recordings, and other items are constantly replenished by opening new - female - page in Australia's history.

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