145 km southwest of Alice Springs has several craters that were formed by the collision of meteorite fragments from the surface of the earth, - now this place is known as the Reserve "Meteorites Henberi." This is one of the five places in Australia, where they found the wreckage of the cosmic body, and one of the world's best small crater field samples. There are between 13 to 14 craters ranging in size from 7 to 180 meters in diameter and 15 meters deep. From the territory has collected tons of iron-nickel meteorite fragments. It is believed that the accident occurred about 4700 years ago, when a meteorite at 40 thousand km / h hit the ground.

His name received from the crater field located near pastures, which in 1875 took the family of immigrants from English town Henberi. And yourself craters were discovered in 1899, but for years they remained unexplored until in 1930 in South Australia fell another meteorite - Karunda. This stirred the public, and to post the first Henberi scientists. In 1932, one A.R.Alderman scientific publications "meteorite craters Henberi in Central Australia", in which a detailed description of their research.

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